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Brandies etc

 Sherries,Brandies and Liqueurs

Constantly Changing so please Call us if in Doubt

If you have any Food Allergies,Intolerances

or Special Dietary Requirements,

please let a member of Staff

know before you order  – Thanks

All Products Subject to Change without Notice


Sherry 50ml Measure



Pedro Ximenez,Jerez

Dark coloured very sweet and smooth sherry,made from Ximenez grapes ,ideal as an aperitif

Fino Pale straw coloured dry sherry excellent with olives or shellfish

Amontillado Dark coloured medium dry sherry ,goes well with ,cheese,fish,and white meats.

Manzanilla de Argueso Pale coloured dry delicate flavoured sherry excellent with Boquerones,Jamon Serrano and Manchengo Cheese



  Brandy & Liqueurs



36% Soberano 5yr old reserve  –

A Full bodied sherry brandy ,yet smooth & gentle with succulent amber  tones

38% Carlos 12yr old gran reserve –

A unique example of quality,this brandy is fragrant yet delicate.

31% Licor 43 –

Made from Citrus and Fruit Juices flavoured with aromatic herbs and spices(43 in total). Licor 43 has a sweet citrus taste & vanilla flavour served over ice or with your favourite mixer.

20% Schnapps –

Peach,Apple,hazelnut,served over ice or with your favourite mixer.

17% Crema Catalana – Smooth & Sweet with a hint of cinnamon served over ice,or in a coffee

28% Ponche Osborne –

Blend of Brandy,Oranges,plums,raisins,&cinnamon,served over ice ,or in coffee

36% Anis del Mono – Aniseed Liqueur served over ice to aid digestion after food.

25% Zoco Pacharon –

This sloe Liqueur is made from wild berries soaked in aniseed for 3 months,served over ice or as a shot

32% Paco Hierbas –

This Liqueur is made from more than 17 herbs ,served chilled ,best after a meal


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